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Atomic Set Kayak Cloud W X77 + Lit 10 + Magna 70W + Cloud baton

  • 4,586.00₺
  • Ex Tax: 3,886.44₺
  • Brands Atomic
  • Product Code: 20181204
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Tags: kayak

Kayak boyu: 142 cm
Ayakkabı: Hawx Magna W 70
Cloud Baton

  • Lightest and most comfortable Atomic binding. Knocking is easy enough to put your foot in the right place, also the adjustment is incredibly simple and does not require any tools
  • Exo profile is a complete 3D profiles in the Vantage x and cloud line, which features sloping sides with reinforced ridges. This shaping reduces the relative Weight and adds stiffness. It also stops the scratching and scratching of the upper edge, which prolongs the service life and is ideal for rental skis.
  • Firewall side wall light Woodcore, EXO profile

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