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Atomic Performer Xt Fibre + Lit Aw Kayak

  • 2,024.00₺
  • Ex Tax: 1,715.25₺
  • Brands Atomic
  • Product Code: 20180709
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Tags: kayak

  • The Performer XT Fibre is a slope ski from Atomic Extra which is specially designed for beginners. Erist thanks to built-in Slopes Rocker very easy to manoeuvre and has a great edge hold.
  • The good quality you expect from Atomic shines forth here and offers you an extremely lightweight set of skis with which you'll master edge changing in no time.
  • Slope Rocker 90/10: 90% Camber construction/10% Rocker construction.
  • Suitable for on-piste skiers who even in the hardest snow conditions expect perfect edge grip. Under strain, the blades lift effortlessly. Easy to tilt without tipping over. Full effective edge length with max. edge grip.
  • 123 73 â€“ 103 for 170 cm (radius 14.2 m).
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